"It was truly the best travel experience
I have ever had." – Pamela Schwab

Accessing our AncestorsThe Holy Land is the spiritual nerve center of the world, or as Madonna recently called it, "the energy capital" of the world. It is where monotheism was first understood and where the ideas of societies built on peace, righteousness and justice were first conceived. Where a day of rest was first instituted and where time was first thought of not as circular, but rather in linear, leading somewhere and most importantly, giving us the ability - and the responsibility - to change our world for the better. Every day eyes are raised in hope and hearts filled with prayer in her direction. But what is she really all about and what is our role in all of this? Come explore your roots - and that of the entire world - on a heritage tour here in the Holy Land and just maybe, together we can find out.

Christian Heritage Tours

Welcome to the land where it all happened, the plot of the “Greatest Story Ever Told.” Join me as we follow in the footsteps of all the main characters – or just ones that pique your particular interest – throughout the Holy Land.