"It was truly the best travel experience
I have ever had." – Pamela Schwab

Multicultural Tour of Israel

Bedouin Arab fatherIsrael is known all over the world as the “Jewish State.” Yet the truth is that only 75% of the population is Jewish; the other 25% holds an incredible array of diverse religious and ethnic people and traditions. The Jewish population itself reflects enormous diversity. As Jews returned to the Land of Israel from all over the world, they brought with them distinct cultures and subcultures, including some excellent food. Israel is the perfect place to learn about the global Jewish experience.

Outdoor Adventure Tours

Outdoor israelThough being roughly the size of the State of New Jersey, half the size of Denmark, a fifth of the size of South Korea and 1/350th the size of Australia, Israel offers perhaps one of the most varied landscapes and opportunities for outdoor adventure the world over. And the best part about it is that since the country is so small you could wake up in the morning and do whatever you like. From desert hikes to skiing to scuba diving along the coral reef, Israel is a playground for the outdoor enthusiast.

Wining and Dining in Israel

dining in IsraelThe best part about Israel’s food scene is that as Jews returned to Israel from all over the world, they brought their best culinary traditions with them. In addition, Israel’s minorities all have their own strong culinary traditions. As such there are ethnic restaurants highlighting the outstanding cuisines of such places as Morocco, Yemen, Ethiopia and India. Tours can also include festive traditional meals with the Arab, Bedouin, Circassian and Druze peoples. There are even restaurants which focus just on foods from the times of the Bible, providing a unique and delicious historical adventure.