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11 Important Things You Missed This Week About Israel/Jews

Here are some articles, analyses and columns about important things happening in the Jewish world and in Israel which came up this week and were easy to miss with everything else going on in this crazy 2020 of ours...

An incredible piece about how criticism of Israel began the woke movement - but not in a good way:

How Israelis feel about their democratic system with Netanyahu at the helm:

Why Jews (and others) - in the spirit of "Never Again" - have been protesting the Chinese treatment of the Uighurs far more than Muslims have [the same happened with Darfur]. One reason is that China is the world's #1 importer of Middle Eastern oil and another reason is the racism in the Arab world that nobody talks about:

Analysis on Turkey's hegemonic desires in the Middle East and Mediterranean:

How the Arab World is coming to terms with Jews:

A look at online anti-Semitism in the UK in the corona world [though it is relatable almost everywhere]:

A debunking of the anti-Semitic African-American myth that they are the real Jews and that those who call themselves Jews today are evil impostors [which has popped up repeatedly in the news the last few weeks]. This is not to say - of course - that there are not black Jews both in America and elsewhere. If you are not aware of how bad the vitriol is, take a look at what former NFL player Larry Johnson tweeted this week:

With anti-Semitism coming from both the right and the left, here is a quick look at why many Jewish Americans feel that they have no political home today:

How French Jews - much like Americans [and other Jews around the world] are being forced to deny their identities and Israel's right to exist, if they want to support liberal values:

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