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Forget Drive-in-Theaters, Israel just started a Paddle-in-Theater

Cinemas are closed and people are desperate to get outside and be entertained, yet remain socially distanced. The bright minds in Tel Aviv have come up with an amazing solution. That’s right, while some places have been going back 60 years to drive-in movie theaters [and yes, Tel Aviv was among them], they also got the idea to put a theater on the Yarkon Stream in Tel Aviv’s “Central Park.” People can rent boats and go out on the water and watch the movie. Talk about a live stream....

Perhaps nothing is more indicative, however, of the Israeli dark humor, than the choice of film to serve as the backdrop for the illustrative marketing poster: Titanic. You know, the story about a boat that sinks. Classic. It kind of reminds me of one of the classic Israel tour guide stories of how when the Jerusalem Cinematheque first opened up, in an ode to the Valley of Hell over which it sits, the first movie screened there was none other than Friday the 13th.

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