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Israel Signs Deals to Receive Russian & US COVID-19 Vaccines

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

In recent days, Israel has signed separate deals with US and Russian manufacturers of coronavirus vaccines with enough doses to vaccinate the entire country. This is on top of the local vaccine which began human trials on November 1. As an Israel tour guide this is incredibly exciting as hopefully it means we will be able to get back to work en masse as early as this coming spring .

The Russian Sputnik V vaccine is in the middle of Phase III trials but has supposedly shown so far 92% efficacy. The Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem "ordered 1.5 million units of the vaccine and would apply for Health Ministry approval for their use, pending the Phase III trials."

Israel's Health Minister Yuri Edelstein announced that Israel would be signing a deal today to buy 8 million doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine (enough to vaccinate 4 million people) with delivery to begin as early as January. It will need to be approved of course by US Food and Drug Administration as well as the Israeli Health Ministry. The initial data from testing of their vaccine (which is created along with their German partner BioNTech) is that it is 90 percent effective.

US biotech firm Moderna is set to announce its vaccine results later this month as well. Israel already has a deal with them as well.

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