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Protests in Israel are Growing as Netanyahu's Ratings Plummet

For the last weeks, nightly protests outside the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem have been growing. These are on top of the various protests which have taken place around the country over the last several months. For some people it has been the horrible handling of the coronavirus and the reopening since mid-May and the constant changing of rules every day or two which have driven people and businesses crazy. For others it has been the economy, as the unemployment still sits over 20% from a high of 27% in April, along with the newest populist cash for all plan (as opposed to getting money to those who need it the most). Some people are protesting Netanyahu's corruption and his constantly delayed trial, whereas others have come out due to the blundered and non-executed annexation plan. Even social workers who went on strike and nobody noticed until one of them took off her top and sat on top of the Menorah/Star of David sculpture by the Knesset (she got some flack but sadly, finally, some attention). And finally there are those who are fed up with Netanyahu's newest threats to go to elections and his sidestepping of his unity government agreement with the Blue and White party (which has looked more and more terrible for Benny Gantz at every turn). And for an increasing number of people, it is how these protests have been getting put down with tear gas and water cannons and an ever increasing level of violence.

Wherever one stands on Bibi, this is an important development to keep one's eye on, though as a tour guide of Israel, I can tell you there is nothing to be worried about when it comes to visiting here (you know, if you actually could right now).

For more on the protests - as well as who is behind them and if they are having any effect at all - check out the articles below (from a range of Israeli voices)... (warning some nudity in one of the photos in this article)

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