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Tel Aviv The Video Game

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

This is fantastic. I don't play video games but imagine if Grand Theft Auto was set in Tel Aviv and became kosher (ok, they'd probably need to axe the shooting as well). A nice Jewish boy needs to get to his grandmother's house in 10 minutes for her birthday party - and of course grab a gift along the way - or he will not receive the family apartment in Tel Aviv. Will he make it in time or will he end up with no apartment, no way to afford one and quitting on trying to survive in Israel and head to Berlin instead? See if you can recognize landmarks such as Rabin Square, the old City Hall, Nachalat Binyamin (free hugs sign), the Carmel Market and Rothschild Boulevard, which you likely saw with me, your trusty tour guide of Israel. Check out the 3 minute sim below :)

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