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Travelling to Israel during a Pandemic - in the 19th c.

One of greatest Jews of the 19th c. was Moses Montefiore - not to mention his equally fantastic wife Judith. He lived to be 100 years old and made 7 trips to the Holy Land to help impoverished and persecuted Jews living there (and elsewhere as well). There are 5 neighborhoods in Jerusalem named after him and he is most famous for building the first neighborhood outside the city walls (where as a tour guide of Israel, I probably introduced you to him). To this day, his seat in the famous Bevis Marks synagogue in London is reserved for him and the day of his death was a day of mourning across the Jewish world.

And now we have the story of some of their incredible travels to the Land of Israel at a time filled with plague, intrigue, quarantine, danger (pirates!!) and more. They let nothing stop them from achieving their goals of visiting and of course of helping those in need.

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