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Who's next? Sudan Apparently to Enter Peace Talks with Israel

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

After Israel's stunning peace agreement announcement with the United Arab Emirates, much of the world thought it would be another Gulf State such as Oman or Bahrain which would be next. However, it appears that the next domino to fall may be Sudan. Apparently today the Foreign Minister of Sudan announced that they would be interested in completing a peace agreement with Israel before the end fo the year.

For those unaware, a coup in Sudan last year toppled the regime of Omar al-Bashir who was responsible for the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan and the atrocities in the south of the country [which led to their secession and forming the world's newest country, South Sudan in 2011]. The recent Civil War in Yemen saw Sudan realign itself with Saudi Arabia, as opposed to Iran. This cut Hamas supply lines [Israel has in the past attacked them in Sudan itself] .

"Sudan, a Muslim-majority African country, is on a fragile path to democracy after a popular uprising led the military to overthrow former autocratic president Omar al-Bashir in April 2019. A military-civilian government now rules the country, with elections possible in late 2022."

The ice began to thaw earlier this year when Netanyahu had a face-to-face meeting with the Sudanese interim president which led to Israel being allowed to fly-over Sudanese airspace. Israel also reestablished relations with Chad.

This would be a hugely symbolic move, as it was in Khartoum, Sudan's capital, that the famous Khartoum Conference took place in 1967, just months after the Six-Day War, in which the Arab league gave its "Resolution of the 3 No's:" No negotiations with Israel, no recognition of Israel and no peace with Israel. We are starting to see that crumble before our very eyes.

Yet while there may be serious interest, it may be a tad bit premature and definitely too soon to celebrate.

The Palestinians meanwhile, feel that they have been betrayed but the truth is that they are just being left behind. Much of the rest of the Arab world is tired of their intransigence, and they don't want to miss out on opportunities while the Palestinians cling to the dream of a Palestine which replaces Israel. For an EXCELLENT article on this, click here:

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