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Yad Vashem's Race Against Time to Collect All 6 Million Names

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

There are only 400,000 survivors of the Holocaust left alive today. These are the only people who can provide the pages of testimony that Yad Vashem requires to be able to document what happened - and to whom. When I started studying to be an Israel tour guide, we were only able to document some 3-3.5 million victims. As Soviet archives opened up - and survivors opened up about their stories before the passed on - Yad Vashem has been able to increase that number today to 4.8 million. Still, if you have been to the Hall of Names exhibit, you know that there is still an entire section waiting for binders of pages of testimony to fill it. Unfortunately, as there were entire families and villages completely wiped out, there are names which we will just never be able to get.

Here is a great article - with graphs - which show the immensity of the challenge:

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