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Welcome to my site. It is wonderful that you are thinking of coming to Israel. I pride myself on working with my clients to create personalized Israel experiences to meet their goals, needs, style, interests, abilities, timing and budget. Whether your focus is a general introduction, peace and politics, the ethnic mosaic of the land, walking the Bible, wining and dining, outdoor adventure, fun for the whole family, off the beaten path activities for repeat visitors, and whether you are an individual, family, congregation or other group, I want to make your trip something you will still remember fondly many years from now.

I feel that I am in a unique position to help people along their journey, wherever they may be coming from and wherever they may be going.  I was raised with a traditional Jewish background, on one hand, and on the other I am proud to count among my close family a Protestant minister, a Catholic theologian and Muslims as well.  I am happy to work with observant individuals from any religious background, and can also relate to those who consider themselves traditional, secular, skeptical or searching because I have been there myself.  I also happen to be the father of 3 children so I know all about catering to families with children and their needs. 

I am a native English speaker, having grown up in the United States.  I have also lived, studied and worked in 7 countries – Colombia, Japan, Turkey, South Africa, Holland, the USA and Israel.  And as a fellow traveler (in 40 other countries), I have worked with all types of guides, so I have a very good idea what you might want in one.

I see myself as a storyteller and Israel as the home of the greatest stories ever told.  I served in the Israeli Army in the Old City of Jerusalem. That is where I first fell in love with the idea that a guide should help the stones tell their stories about the prophets, priests, kings, generals and pilgrims who have walked on them.  That being said, what is ultimately most important to me is making the stories relevant to your life. Anyone can pick up a guidebook or search the Internet for basic facts about Israel. A good guide will put those facts into context. A great guide will make that context relevant to your own life today and give you something to take home with you for tomorrow.

I have been a licensed guide since 2007 and also have a BA in Middle Eastern Studies and a year of religious study in Jerusalem.  At the same time, I also happen to love hiking, climbing and exploring every mountain, stream, valley and sea in this beautiful country.  I would love to share the great Israeli outdoors with you, reaching places where no words are necessary. Meanwhile, the hustle and bustle of the marketplaces, soccer fields, boardwalks, clubs and plazas are a reminder that Israel is a living, breathing country full of remarkable people who make up its incredibly vibrant story. And of course there is Jerusalem, the center of the world for many, and the city which a lucky few of us, myself included, are privileged to call home.

Please feel free to explore my website.  I encourage questions and welcome feedback.  And when you decide you are ready to make your journey to this wondrous land, I look forward to being your guide to everything it has to offer.



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