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When should I come to Israel? 

Special Events 


Not everyone is free to choose their dates wen it comes to planning a trip to Israel.  If you are a family with kids, winter and summer breaks are your only opportunities, but they are high season.  If you are able to come during low seasons, you might find cheaper prices on hotels and flights.  Within those times you have perfect weather in October-November and from March to mid-May when it is not too hot and still highly unlikely to rain.  Coming during the Sukkot and Passover holidays, while religiously significant for many people, are also high season and  the roads and sights are incredibly packed as Israelis are also on vacation (Chanukah also for that matter).  That being said, if you are free to pick your dates, there are some special times of year to visit during which you can experience holidays, festivals and unique events which could end up being major highlights of your trip. Even if your dates are set, take a look at the list below to see if you can add something special to your tour. 

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TECH EVENTS There are a number of tech and investor events each year in Israel, but the months often change. These include the Our Crowd conference, AXIS Tel Aviv, Fintech Week Tel Aviv, Cybertech Israel and conferences on Agrotech, A.I., Biotech and more.   For a list of the 2020 conferences click here:


Please note that, while the following are yearly events, occasionally they are held a month earlier or later.  As such, even if you are planning, for example, a trip in March, make sure to take a look at February and April as well. 


I’m highlighting some of the more major/famous things... 



Sea of Galilee Marathon

Made in China Festival (New Year’s) in Tel Aviv

Nightlight Festival (performances) in Tel Aviv

Eilat Chamber Music Festival

Israman Ironman Triathalon



So French So Food (Tel Aviv)

Dead Sea Marathon

Sommelier (Wine) Exhibition in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Marathon

Red Sea Jazz Festival

Red Sea Guitar Festival

Darom Adom (wildflowers in the south)


Wildflower season

Tel Aviv Mud Run

Purim (many street parties, raves, etc.)

Harucon Convention (Japanese anima/manga) in Jerusalem

Fattal Rock Festival Eilat (Israeli rock music)

Felicja Blumental International Music Festival in Tel Aviv

Jerusalem Marathon

Eilat Birds Festival

Tel Aviv Zombie Walk



Automotor Car Show in Tel Aviv

Israel Beer Festival in Tel Aviv

Yom HaShoah - Israeli Holocaust Memorial Day

Yom HaZikaron - Israeli Memorial Day

Yom HaAtzmaut - Israeli Independence Day 

Note: All 3 of the above can also fall in May (we go by the Hebrew calendar) and I would say this time period is the most special and meaningful (and in the case of Independence Day, the most fun) time of year to be in Israel. 



Lag BaOmer

Jerusalem Day

DocAviv (documentary film)

Tel Aviv Eat

Fresh Paint - Israeli art and design festival in Tel Aviv

Israel Festival in Jerusalem

Midburn Festival in the Negev



Vegan Fest (Tel Aviv)

Tel Aviv Cocktail Week 

Gay Pride Week/Parade

LGBT Film Festival

Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival

Jerusalem Design Week

Israel Mobile Summit

Arabesque Music Festival in Akko

New Orleans Jazz Festival (Tel Aviv)

Comedy for Koby

Tel Aviv White Nights (all-night concerts/events)



Jerusalem Lights Festival

Jerusalem Film Festival

Karmiel Dance Festival 



Jerusalem Wine Festival

Jerusalem Beer Festival

Jerusalem Puppet Festival

Red Sea Jazz Festival

International Arts & Crafts Fair (and concerts) in Jerusalem

Safed Klezmer Festival

Shepherds Beer Festival in Bethlehem



OFFTLV Visual Design Festival

Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival

Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival

Mekudeshet Festival in Jerusalem

DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Open Houses Week



Akko International Fringe Festival

DGTL Festival (DJs) in Tel Aviv

Tamar Israeli Music Festival at Masada

Jerusalem March (during Sukkot) by Christian communities around the world

Haifa International Film Festival

InDNegev Festival (Israeli music)

Tel Aviv Night Run

Israel Music Festival

ALYN Wheels of Love Charity Bike Ride



Jerusalem Open House Festival

Piano Festivals in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

EDM Festival (DJs) in Tel Aviv

Origami Convention

Tel Aviv Illustration Week

Israeli Photography Convention

Yoga Arava Festival

Olive Festival in Galilee

International Oud Festival in Jerusalem

SoLow Haifa Music Festival



Jewish Film Festival in Jerusalem

International Photography Festival in Tel Aviv

Jerusalem Jazz Festival

Tel Aviv Jazz Festival

Christmas Market in Nazareth

Holiday of Holidays (multicultural festival) in Haifa

Western Galilee Winter Christmas Festival

Run the City Tel Aviv


Christmas Eve in Bethlehem

Taste of Galilee Food Festival

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