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Abraham, the first Jew, was told 3800 years ago - Lech Lecha - go forth to the land that I will show you.  Yet Lech Lecha technically means - go to yourself.  We undertake a physical journey to the Land of Israel in order to allow ourselves to have the opportunity (if we like) to also have a spiritual journey. 

Indeed, as we travel through the land and throughout the ages, we will experience the story of our people; a people of history and destiny. Along the way, we can take this opportunity to think about and discover who we are, where we come from, what we are connected to and what it could mean to us going forward.





Popular places to hold the ceremony include the Western Wall - both the traditional and egalitarian areas, the ancient fortress of Masada, synagogues from the Mishna/Talmud times in the Galilee and Golan, modern Israeli synagogues around the country and beautiful overlooks, whether of Jerusalem or out in nature. The Wall is busier but has more options. The periphery is more personal but also simpler.  It all depends on your style.

   One does not have a Bar/Bat MItzvah. One becomes a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  It is when one becomes responsible for one's own actions and gets counted as an adult in the Jewish community. What better place to choose to stand up and be counted than the center of the Jewish world on a journey meant to instill a sense of Jewish purpose, pride, belonging and responsibility.  It is not about preparing for one moment - but rather for a living a meaningful Jewish life.  

A rabbi is not necessary but I can provide one if you like or I can lead the ceremony myself (I have led hundreds). A grand procession with drums, shofars and dancing is always fun. A photographer and/or videographer can be arranged. We can have brunch or dinner to celebrate afterwards as well. As for the ceremony's content - that can vary based on your tradition and  your child's abilities.  Let's create something to fit who he/she is!

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