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Jerusalem Masterclass

Welcome to my Jerusalem Masterclass

Come with me on a journey through the lesser-known but still fascinating secrets, sites, sapiens and stories of Jerusalem which tour guides never get a chance to tell...


With the Jerusalem masterclass I intend to give bonus content to people who have already been to Israel as well as incredible insights to those who have not yet had the opportunity to come. The truth is there is so much to experience here in Israel; this series looks to cover some of things which one would likely never encounter even if they had been here numerous times, allowing for them to deepen their knowledge of the Holy City. It also allows us to continue learning and experiencing Israel together even if you are not able to be here. 

This will be a 6-Part Online Series (via Zoom) with the possibility of free bonus content as well.

*For every extra 50 signups above 200, an extra presentation will be created. 

The initial subjects will be as follows: 


1 - Love Stories of Jerusalem - Ancient (COMPLETED)

2- Love Stories of Jerusalem - Modern (COMPLETED)

3- Death and Burial in Jerusalem (COMPLETED)

4- Secrets of The Old City (COMPLETED)

5 - Secrets of The New City (COMPLETED)

6 - Machane Yehuda Food Market


Love Stories of Jerusalem (Ancient and Modern) will be a new way to look at the city.  We will visit sites associated with great love stories, both ancient and modern, famous and perhaps not so famous.  Famous kings like David, Solomon and Herod will make appearances as will a Nobel prize winner, Jewish underground fighters, hopeless romantics and star-crossed lovers.  These stories, both heart-warming and heart-wrenching, will take us to places in the city both familiar and totally unfamiliar and will be a new way to look at the city.  Jerusalem, I Love You. 

Death and Burial in Jerusalem is a look at incredible tombs, fascinating cemeteries, celebrity graves such as Oskar Schindler and even William Shakespeare, timeless mysteries and even missing hearts and minds.  

Secrets of Jerusalem will be an exploration of all the fascinating places which tourists almost never get to visit - even on second and third trips - and likely have never even heard about.  From the monster of Jerusalem, a giant’s massive stone finger, the secret cave of the Freemasons, the hotels where Mark Twain, Herman Melville, Ulysses S. Grant and Theodore Herzl stayed during their 19th c. visits, our copy of the Liberty Bell, a religious tattoo shop (Christian) which has been run by the same family for 700 years, to little things you never noticed along the way - and much, much more. 

The Machane Yehuda Food Market tour will not just be a look at some of the delicious things to be found in the market, but also an exploration of the many varieties of Jewish cuisine. Hopefully I will be able to include interviews with some of the personalities and chefs in the market and I aim to grab some cooking tips and recipes to bring to your own kitchen.

Possible Additional Topics (suggestions welcome) 


Battles for Jerusalem - the Jewish Quarter in 1948 and Ammunition Hill in 1967


Historical Geography of Jerusalem - the historical development of the city from ancient to modern times.  What was included in the walls, when and why? When and how did people move out of the walls? What happened when the municipal borders were expanded?  What are the plans for the future? 


The Street Art of Machane Yehuda - one of the striking things about Jerusalem's famed marketplace is the 150-200 street art paintings on the shutters.  During a regular visit to the market - when the shutters are up - only a few are visible. On Shabbat, however, when the market is closed, an incredible open-air urban gallery is created.  Enjoy the artwork and learn about the people depicted by the artist who reimagined the "shuk." 


What’s New to Do in Israel - In the last several years many new museums, hotels, national parks and attractions have opened in Israel - but sadly, because of corona, others have closed.  Here’s what you should be thinking about for a future trip to Israel. 

The Details

  • The presentations will be pre-recorded and hosted on my website. Once you have paid for the course, I will invite you to become a member of my website.  You'll then be given special access to the class page. 

  • Membership information is personal and should not be shared with others. 

  • Questions of course are more than welcome via email and whatsapp. 

  • If you purchase the course after the classes have already begun, I will provide links to the presentations you missed.

  • For every 50 people beyond the initial target of 200 subscribers, a new free bonus lecture will be made available to all subscribers.

  • Unlike actual tours in Israel, no VAT will be charged and no passport information will be required. 

  • Payment is not per person but per subscriber email address. Couples and families of course will be able to watch together. 

  • If you would prefer to register a different email address than the one used in payment please contact me directly at and let me know.  [For example if this is a gift for someone else.]

  • Please keep in mind that I my primary job is a tour guide and I am also the father of three.  I'm not a tech wiz but rather an educator.  I work on this project when I can - usually when tourism is at a lull due to external or unforeseen factors. I appreciate everyone's patience and will let you know when new sessions are available.  


Cost - Only $150


Sponsorship - $300+


Should you choose to pay more than the required amount, whether initially (because of your desire to help support my work as a tour guide of Israel during these trying times) or at some point during the series (hopefully because you are enjoying it so much), I will consider it as extra signups, which can lead to extra content for everyone. 


In addition, for every 100 extra signups beyond 200 (i.e. 300, etc.),

I will hold special live talks just for my sponsors.




Shifting Sands: Major developments have taken place with our neighbors in the Middle East in the past several years from Lebanon to Iraq and Jordan to Tunisia, not to mention the countries involved in the Abraham Accords - UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco. And perhaps even Saudi Arabia... We will discuss the implications for Israel going forward.

Am Yisrael Chai: Israelis were forever changed by the horrific events of October 7, 2023.  We will take a look at the strategic challenges Israel faces when crafting her response, but perhaps more importantly, we will look at the incredible response of Israeli society to the catastrophe. 

Let's Work Together!

Remember, the more people who register, the more bonus content will be created. 

Please share this page on social media & with anyone you think may be interested.

Enter the amount you will be paying ($150 regular, $250 sponsor or anything else) and please consider adding 5% to cover the PayPal and exchange fees
Alternatively, you can also send money by Zelle to (no fees).


Thank you so much!!

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