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It was truly the best travel experience I’ve ever had”. –

Pamela Schwab from

Los Angeles, CA (July, 2019)

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We have been on many tours of Israel and other countries as well. We can honestly say that Kobi could be the best tour guide that we have ever had. He combines deep knowledge of the subject, presenting the material in a captivating manner and he is passionately in love with Israel. He combines the serious with a great sense of humor. And Kobi provided us with several musical interludes. Kobi was empathetic with my wife’s physical limitations. We can’t wait to get back to Israel and have Kobi as a guide. - Bernie Dishler from Philadelphia, PA (October 2022) 

Kobi Cooper made our trip to Israel so much richer. What Kobi brought as a tour guide was indispensable in navigating the complexities of a complicated country. His knowledge of history and contemporary Israeli society was comprehensive, and he was always able to put our site visits into context. Whenever our itinerary allowed for free time, Kobi made sure that there were options for additional touring for those who craved more. When people expressed disappointment that the hotel laundry service couldn't get our clothes back quickly enough, Kobi found a local launderer who could. He took care of us. Kobi wasn't just a tour guide, he was an ambassador for all that makes Israel the Jewish homeland. - Rabbi Shai Cherry, Congregation Adath Jeshurun of Elkins Park, PA (October 2022) 

I traveled to Israel with 3 friends this fall; we wanted a guide to help us understand the deep history and complexities of Jerusalem. We were so lucky to have found Kobi! We first spent an evening with Kobi at the food extravaganza that is Machane Yehuda market - what a blast! Kobi led us through the maze of over 1000 food stalls, introducing us to foods from all over the world and weaving the stories of the Jewish diaspora into all these culinary traditions. The next day we toured the Old City with Kobi and it was an amazing experience! We all had so much fun, learned so much and appreciated Kobi's thorough and balanced explanations of the many sites of such cultural and religious importance. Even after we left Jerusalem, we reached out to Kobi for tips on what to do with a day in Tel Aviv while we awaited our flight home, and he gave us a great list of attractions and sights. He is a fantastic guide, a wonderful person and we highly recommend him! - Michelle Harris from Boulder, CO (September 2022) 

We had an amazing food tour with Kobi, and a full day tour of Jerusalem. Both were so informative and insightful. I was thoroughly impressed with how knowledgeable Kobi is, and how well he communicated. He is probably the best tour guide that I have had. - Julie Andrews from Boulder, CO (September 2022) 

Kobi was the most amazing tour guide EVER! Not only that, he became our friend and someone who we can truly trust. He is the most helpful and genuine person I have ever met. He went out of his way to make sure our time in Israel was magnificent! He helped us find the best ways to save money and also to make sure we get the best experience! I have no words to thank Kobi enough! I recommend him for anyone who is thinking of visiting Israel! He is absolutely amazing! - Andrea Velez from Chicago, IL (September 2022) 

We just returned from a fabulous vacation in Israel. Our family group was ten people ranging in age from seven to the mid-seventies, non-Jews and Jews, first-timers and veteran travelers to Israel. Kobi planned an exciting ten-day excursion wherein there were age and interest- appropriate activities for everyone. His knowledge of Bible, archaeology, history, geography and religion is far reaching and insightful.  At several sites the kids performed enactments of historical and Biblical scenes that occurred right there.  All the while he would motivate the four children with contests and games (with prizes as well). In addition, the hotels and restaurants he recommended were just incredible. Our grandchildren went on an archaeological dig, a scavenger hunt, rappelled down the Old City walls, rode on a torpedo boat on the Mediterranean Sea, experienced an escape room in the Golan Heights, rode camels, walked on the Old City walls and much more. We loved every minute. Kobi was extremely flexible - he even created a birthday party for our 7 year-old replete with cake and sparklers. It was amazing. When one of the adults had a whim and it was doable, Kobi worked it in somehow. I cannot imagine a better tour. This was private, custom-made and catered to our interests. If you are thinking about a guide with vast knowledge and who can relate to people of all ages, do not look  further. This was my tenth time in Israel; it is the most unforgettable visit I have ever had.

- Ray Leven from Philadelphia, PA (July 2022)

Our multi-generational family of 17 (ages 9 to 76) recently returned from an unforgettable and amazing 12 day tour of Israel led by Kobi Cooper. We started planning our trip with Kobi more than 2 years ago, hoping to go in 2021 but due to COVID we had to reschedule to June 2022. Kobi was easily accessible and knowledgeable in giving us many options and he was open to our suggestions. He personalized the trip to our unique history, our interests, our ages and our dietary needs. The final itinerary was incredibly perfect. Kobi took care of everything - our own bus and bus driver, the entrance fees and reservations to restaurants, museums, national parks, cooking lesson, Shabbat dinner at a rabbi’s home, visits to sites in Tel Aviv, the North, Golan, Galilee, Jerusalem, and the Negev. Kobi was able to engage everyone in our family in Israeli history, historical sites and a range of activities appropriate for the wide range of ages and interests. Kobi is extremely knowledgeable, a great teacher, a caring person and a real Mensch. He quickly endeared himself to everyone in our family, becoming a part of our Mishpucha. Kobi made sure that our trip was flawless and every day was a new adventure. We would definitely recommend Kobi to our family and friends. Kobi - With all the time we spent together on planning this trip, it far exceeded our expectations. Thank you. - Rachel Emmett from Dallas, TX (June 2022)

When planning a trip to Israel, you need 3 things. Family, your camera and Kobi! Kobi is truly the best of the best. His combination of historic, religious and social knowledge, paired with skillful story telling and humor will enhance your journey. Kobi won't just show you sites, he opens your soul. He has a way to not take you on a tour, but rather a journey, personally guiding your growth and connection (whatever that means to you, regardless of religion) to the land and history of Israel. I found a connection to Israel in ways that I know would not be possible alone. Personally, I've grown in my personal connection to Judaism more in 3 weeks than I have in 30 years. I give credit to Kobi for this! If you are looking to get the most from your time in Israel, go with Kobi, don't hesitate. He is the best at what he does! - Brandi Hunter from Dallas, TX (April 2022)

Kobi is a superb tour guide and companion. We contacted Kobi on short notice just after Israel reopened to foreign tourists to arrange a few days together in Jerusalem. He is extremely knowledgeable of the city, the sites, its history, the various religious perspectives and even the best places for excellent food. We never doubted the accuracy of the information he provided. I was impressed how well he organizes his tours of the city to start from earliest history. He explains things clearly, with pictures and maps when appropriate. He is a good story teller and genial companion. He paces his tours well, so we were busy but never overtired. We felt we were with a knowledgeable friend as we explored the city with him. We saw and learned more in 3 days than we ever expected. Finally, he was extremely flexible, working around . the complexities of waiting for our Covid test results, and helping us get needed Covid tests for the next portion of our journey. And he provided recommendations and advice for things we could do on our own. We highly recommend Kobi for a fun, knowledgeable and informative way to explore and learn about Israel.

- Ed Comer from Washington, DC (February 2022)

Kobi Cooper was an amazing tour guide.  He is so knowledgeable about Israel and made this a trip of a lifetime.  My husband and I went with our close friends.  Kobi was sensitive to our needs and took great care of the 4 of us.  He helped us plan the entire trip before we ever left Dallas.  We had discussions about the things we wanted to experience and he gave us options and choices for each day.  I loved the trip with Kobi so much that I recommended him to my daughter and son-in-law.  They are using him for our family trip to celebrate our granddaughter's Bat Mitzvah next July.  You will learn so much,eat such delicious foods and truly experience all of the wonders of Israel.  He is amazing with all ages of a group... young and old. Thank you again to Kobi for taking such good care of us.  Emily Kern from Dallas, TX (October 2019) 

“Dear Kobi, You made our trip to Israel so absolutely wonderful and memorable and meaningful. I am truly grateful for all you shared with us and all your knowledge and energy and passion for this beautiful country. We all are so grateful to you and so very impressed by your extraordinary knowledge and your sensitivity to all of our interests and needs. It was truly the best travel experience I’ve ever had”. – Pamela Schwab from Los Angeles, CA (July 2019)

First trip for 2 of the 5 in our family. Kobi took us around the north (Caesarea, Akko, Rosh Hanikra, Tsfat, chocolate making) then to Masada/Dead Sea then to Jerusalem. He tailored our trip perfectly for us. He took us on a waterfall hike,  made Caesarea and Masada kid-friendly with costumes, arranged a counter-terrorism training day and took us in the City of David Water tunnels. He understands both the religious and historical significance of the areas. We highly recommend him. - Jodi Lemeshev from Dallas, TX (July 2019)

To say that Kobi made our Israel family trip special would be an understatement. We had a multi- generational group and Kobi communicated at all levels and to all ages. My grandson had already toured with Kobi though his school and loved meeting him again and spending more time with him.  Kobi worked hard and with such passion to go out of his way to make this an experience not just a trip. Even making me walk to the area in Sachne where the water cascaded down into the river, or the extra climb to the next waterfall at Ein Gedi made the experience so much more meaningful and exciting.. The approach to Jerusalem, bus curtains closed, wine and “shechiyanu” on the hill overlooking the city still brings tears to my eyes. Even the inspiring music he played in our private bus which we all loved made it emotional and inspiring for all of us, young and old.  Kobi loves Israel and he wants to share that love and make every visitor feel the history and energy of its people and the country.  Not only is Kobi a guide, he is knowledgeable about our Jewish religion, my wife called him Rav Kobi for his teachings and lessons from the Torah and Talmud.And the best kept secret is he knew the best restaurants wherever we went.  Our school uses him for the 8th grade trip and he is a legend here in Dallas.  He came recommended and we have recommended him to so many others who too have loved him. Hylton Jonas from Dallas, TX (June 2018)


“Well, we just finished our last fantastic “Kobi Dinner.” The restaurants were all sensational and the food equally as good. Thank you for the three days of touring. The itinerary was terrific as was the education, and looking [at Israel] through your eyes was a great experience. Many thanks for all your efforts, and hopefully we can do it again. Always new ideas, and places to visit…. I especially appreciate the efforts you made on Nancy’s behalf.   I expressed to Stan how fortunate we felt for his introducing us to you. Because it was our first trip here in 40 years, it was an awesome experience and an eye-opening recognition of the miracle of Israel.  You were great!” – Stan and Jo Rutstein/Jules and Nancy Silbert from Sarasota, FL (June 2018) 

Our suburban Philadelphia synagogue group has had two wonderful experiences with Kobi as our guide in Israel, in 2014 and 2017, with another trip planned for November 2020.  Kobi brings a real global aesthetic to the experience, having spent his early years in the States, made aliyah to Israel and having been married to a Colombian.  He is deeply knowledgeable and incredibly accessible, choosing the right stories at the right times to keep the young and old and everyone in-between engaged and appreciative of Israel.  An advocate for Israel, as he should be, he is able to engage travelers in the full picture.  Our second trip was geared to food, wine and sustainable agriculture and he helped us develop a great itinerary and brought a great experience.  A religious Jew, Kobi is deeply respectful of all faiths and the different ways Jews practice their religion.  He is outstanding. - Jeff Cohen from Philadelphia, PA (November 2017)

Kobi is a tour guide par excellence! Incredible breadth and depth of knowledge, across so many areas of interest. His love and regard for Israel - the land, the people, the politics, iconic sites, natural wonders, cultural scene, complex history, and more - is palpable, as is his enthusiasm in sharing that love with travelers.  I have traveled twice with Kobi as a guide. The first trip, with a synagogue based group, was so wonderful that I returned for a small group customized tour with the stipulation that Kobi be our guide, and it was truly the trip of a lifetime.  On the beaten path or off it, Kobi is a treasure. - Rosalind Holtzman from Philadelphia, PA (November 2017)

We have been on tours of Israel twice in the past few years, and plan to go with him again in November 2020. He is hands down the best tour guide we ever had the pleasure to spend time with! He works really hard to give us the best possible experience, and seems to be having fun the whole time. He has an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of life in Israel, history, religion, music, food, wine, agriculture, politics, sports, popular culture, current events and every falafel stand. He is knowledgeable, warm, funny, engaging, and adaptable. Traveling with him is like vacationing with your favorite cousin or uncle.  His passion, sense of humor, and love of Israel make us want to keep going back for more! - Ronit and Arnold Sugar from Philadelphia, PA (November 2017)

I came on one of Kobi’s tours a while back, and he truly made sure that every moment of our trip was incredible. He’s absolutely brilliant, and can basically answer any question you might have. He works so hard to make sure you get exactly what you want out of your experience and trip, and my family and I will never use anyone else! - Vannah Odem from Huntsville, AL (September 2017)

Hi Kobi, Julie and I immensely enjoyed you being our tour guide and part of our 12-day journey with the One Heart for Israel tour we were on. The rich history and cultural perspective you brought to the tour was phenomenal. Julie and I look forward to coming back on a private family tour someday soon! Sam and Julie Tyus from Athens, AL (September  2017)

"We toured the North and Jerusalem with Kobi. He was extremely accommodating of our requests and needs while still providing great recommendations. We have two pre-teens and he made sure to make all of our tours engaging for them while still teaching the adults and keeping our attention. We would definitely use him again and recommend him very highly." – Irene and Stephen Moff from San Francisco, CA (June 2016)


"Thank you Kobi. I wanted to let you know that we had an amazing time with you and we really appreciated the information you shared.  I have to admit, I had some concerns going into it.  I was concerned how my kids would connect as my biggest wish for the journey was for my kids to connect more to their heritage, strengthen their Judaism, and have an appreciation for Israel.  The kids still are talking about the tour and rank it at the top of their experiences in Israel.  You did a great job."– Jeff Levy from Madison, WI (October 2015)


"Kobi – thank you so much for an excellent tour yesterday.  I thought you were so knowledgeable, interesting and engaging with the right amount of history, modern facts and amusing stories.  It was just terrific.  I will definitely recommend you to others."  – Simone and Lucy Pearlman from London, England (October 2015)


"Our family had a wonderful time with Kobi.  His level of knowledge and his love for Israel were clear with every word he spoke.  Our kids loved being with him.  Kobi took us to the northern parts of Israel, and showed us places visitors seldom see.  Kobi made history come alive by engaging in a gladiator battle with us in Caeserea.  He made the present conflicts real by taking us to watch Syrian gunfire from the safety of the Golan Heights, and then took us to play on the Jordan River.  Throughout, we learned so much about our shared heritage and the significance of Israel.  Kobi’s level of knowledge also allowed him to be flexible.  When our kids were tired and unwell, Kobi was able to revise our carefully planned itinerary on the fly to accommodate.  He made changes in our plan so that not only did we not feel like we missed anything, but we felt we gained experiences we had not expected.  We would recommend Kobi to anyone who needs an Israeli guide, and we will always remember our time with him." –  Lauren Gerstmann from Los Angeles, CA (June 2015)


"I have had the opportunity to get to know Kobi Cooper both personally and professionally over the past several years and can say without question there is no one I would rather have guiding a trip to Israel than him. His love and enthusiasm for Israel is unmatched. His knowledge of Israel’s landscape, politics and history is unequaled. He engages teens every day in ways that are fun, creative, thought-provoking and meaningful. It is clear that for Kobi guiding in Israel is not a job — it is a passion. This passion not only enhances the experience for travelers, but rubs off on them and they become as passionate about Israel as Kobi. There is nothing more that I as a rabbi, parent, Jew and ardent supporter of Israel could ask for in a guide. There is no one other than Kobi that I would recommend to a friend, member of our congregation, colleague or family member should they be traveling to Israel. I look forward to him guiding many more trips for our school and synagogue in the future, knowing that our teens and families will be forever changed by traveling to Israel with Kobi’s guidance." – Rabbi Eric Goldberg, Congregation Shir Ami from Philadelphia, PA (December 2014)


"Kobi was the best guide that I have experienced on all of my trips: a real people-person, incredibly informative, witty, patient, creative, with a great sense of humor, he was adept at explaining contemporary events in the light of history, religion and tradition, and made every effort to be objective, and equally clear when speaking from his own perspective or experiences. I would hire him in an instant for any future tour: personal or group." – Rabbi Elliot Holin, Congregation Kol Ami from Philadelphia, PA (October 2014)


"My traveling companions left Israel awe-struck and reJEWvinated thanks, in large measure, to Kobi’s incredible magic: dramatic narratives suffused with artistic flair; rich and compelling stories from underground digs and ancient ramparts to the exotic flavors, textures and scents of the marketplace. Kobi is a brilliant, imaginative, intensely thought-provoking guide with encyclopedic knowledge who has one overriding goal in mind: to implant a limitless, expansive love of the Land and the People of Israel into your heart and soul. So that you leave forever changed by the encounter. So that you long to return once more."  – Rabbi Robert Leib,  Old York Road Temple-Beth Am from Philadelphia, PA (June 2014)


“We would like to thank you for putting together the most amazing trip. Everything was perfectly planned out. You truly did an amazing job. We had the time of our lives. We cannot wait to get back to Israel soon. We wish you only the best in the future.” – Darren Sevel from Fort Lauderdale, FL (June 2014)


“Thanks again for the fantastic tour these last two weeks. We just made it home today and as we prepare for Shabbat dinner it brings memories of festive dancing at the Western Wall only last Shabbat. I’m sure I speak for all the Temple Kol Emeth mishpocha when I say that your knowledge and spirituality helped bring special meaning to our trip. Shabbat Shalom!” – Tim Roberts from Atlanta, GA (June, 2014)


"Jaden and I, along with the rest of the Vann/Leib clan thoroughly enjoyed our trip due in most parts to you. Your enthusiasm, spirit and incredible knowledge of Israel made for a truly unforgettable experience. We can’t wait to come back with my wife Ilana and our daughter, Jaden’s sister, Hollen, and wouldn’t even think of touring with anyone other than you. Thank you for being the best tour guide we have ever had! "– Joe and Jaden Vann from Las Vegas, NV (June 2014)

"I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart!! You are an amazing person with sooo much knowledge, our trip wouldn’t have been the same without you!! Thank you for teaching all of us so much and for making me want to come back to Israel very soon!! We ALL love you and we hit the jackpot getting you as a tour guide!! We will definitely spread the word back home and of course, we will contact you when we return!! Thanks again for EVERYTHING!!"– Andrea Leib from San Diego, CA (June 2014)


"Kobi – A trip to Israel is very special. The first is even more so. We could not have been more fortunate than to have you lead us through this special journey. Your knowledge and experience was only surpassed by your strong passion and your ability to connect with both of us. You have truly made this the incredible journey that we hoped for and surpassed our expectations as our guide. Thank you so much." – Bob & Denise Greenberger from Atlanta, GA (June 2014) 


Recently my husband and I went to Israel for the first time.  We decided it was important to have a guide and fortunately, we picked the perfect person.  Kobi was amazing – knowledgeable, funny, energetic, flexible and extremely interesting.  We learned so much –  the history of Israel, the intersection of religions, and the political issues that make Israel so fascinating. From the beginning he was deeply involved in helping us plan our trip and continued to be a source of advice and support throughout the time we spent there. When I think back on the most memorable things we did, I can not imagine that those experiences would have been the same without him.  It was a glorious adventure, largely due to how well he planned what we did.  And let’s not forget finding the best hummus in both Jaffa and Jerusalem – not to be missed!  Thank you Kobi – you made our trip one we will never forget.  – Susan and Ed Fisch from San Francisco, CA (April 2013)

"Kobi organized an amazing tour of Jerusalem’s Old City for our fellowship participants from Asia.  He coordinated different sections of the tour to coincide with religious services around the Old City and entrance into holy sites that are rarely open to the public.  He also included meetings with locals that provided a fascinating insight into the personal history and stories of Jerusalem’s diverse residents.  The tour was perfectly timed, well-planned, fun, interactive, responsive and very relevant – and catered to all of our requests and interests."– Rebecca Zeffert – Founder & Executive Director, Israel-Asia Center (October 2012)


"Thank you Kobi for an amazing first trip to Israel.  You went above and beyond in helping us to plan the itinerary, book the hotels, the car rental, private tours, restaurant reservations, and so much more.  You brought a level of meaning to the trip that we could not have had without you.  The stories you told us, the references to Torah and to history were very moving.  You made it so much fun for the kids with your songs, words of the day and “I spy” list.  We will never forget our trip and will recommend you to anyone seeking a tour guide in Israel.  We look forward to coming back. "– Anne Fassler from Philadelphia, PA (August 2012)

"I have been meaning to send this for weeks. I cannot thank you enough for the incredible experience you gave to my entire family. I truly cannot imagine a better guide exists. From the perfect itinerary to the fact that you got totally involved in every activity, everyone was amazed by you and your knowledge of Israel.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart."  – Fern Silverman from Philadelphia, PA (June 2012)


"My Israel trip was close to a decade ago, but I still remember Kobi since he was the best guide I ever had.  He was not just knowledgeable, but his presentation of the material made it fascinating. He kept our group amused while we waited for ages for the police to open the walkway to the Temple Mount. Kobi also presented political issues in such a balanced manner, it did not reveal any agenda or bias that I could detect. He was sensitive to people’s wants and would sometimes offer to take a picture for you before you even asked. He also stayed 15+ minutes after the tour was over to answer our questions about unrelated travel."  – Seaver Milnor from Mount Vernon, WA (June 2012)


"Kobi made our experience in Israel an extra special experience one, which I would highly recommend. We will have Kobi at our side the next time we are in the Holy Land. His ability to help you understand the 3 major religions of this country exceeded our expectations. Thank you, Kobi!" – Alyn Kay from Fort Lauderdale, FL (October 2011) 

"We just wanted to let you know you how much we loved the tour that you gave us with your heart.  It was the best tour we have ever taken.  We can still hear your voice as if it were yesterday and probably always will."  – Wayne and Angela Bowman from Athens, TX (October 2011)


"My wife and I took the Glorious Jerusalem tour from the Celebrity ship Silhouette.  Kobi Cooper was our tour guide.  I have been on 40-50 tours from different cruises and I wanted to tell you that Kobi is the best tour guide that we have ever had.  He gave a very balanced discussion of Jewish and Christian beliefs, was very interesting and informative and did a super job over the whole 11 hours of the trip.  You have a very valuable resource in Kobi and I would hope to have him again as a guide if we return to Israel. " – Gary and Diane Dyhouse from St. Louis, MO (October 2011)


"Kobi, Being in Israel with my children, husband and parents was a highlight of my life.  Touring Jerusalem with you made it even more meaningful.  You educated, entertained and moved each one of us.  We appreciate your thorough planning to cater for three generations and your delivery was both engaging and passionate.  And what day is complete without the best falafel (and pizza for Jacob).  Thanks for a most memorable day.  Warm regards." – Debbie Arnheim from Australia (September 2011)


"Kobi, Thank you so much for the tour of the Old City.  It was perfect.  We were pleased that you were able to satisfy the requirements of four adults and two children in such a way that all of us could be held captivated over five hours duration.  Gabrielle (10) and Jacob (8) thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot.  No doubt, your careful  planning of places to go and things to do, contributed to the success of the tour.  Kobi, We have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone … of any age." – Ronald and Susan Cossen from Australia (September 2011) 


"Hi Kobi. It’s Beth from Chicago.  I was in your Celebrity tour group on Tuesday.  On this cruise you have indeed been the best tour guide!   That passion that you have in what you do as well as the knowledge you share is so awe-inspiring that it created a very meaningful experience for me as you brought Jerusalem to life.  Your closing explanation of the mark of Jerusalem we all carry was truly amazing.  Thanks again for the awesome tour! "– Beth Mitnick from Chicago, IL (August 2011)


"Liesbeth and I really want to thank you for your excellent tour through Jerusalem. You absolutely succeeded in telling the story behind the stones.  You are always welcome in our house near Brussels in Belgium if you want to visit the marvelous Flemish Cities (Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent)." – Ward Vermoere, Motorola Solutions from Brussels, Beligium (July 2011)


"Dear Kobi, Wow!  What a phenomenal trip.  I am still catching my breath. For me, as I said publicly, you are a phenomenal guide.  Your encyclopedic knowledge, use of Tanach and other sources, humor, and storytelling brought Israel to life for us.  The ideas you shared with me really gave us the insight into the tapestry of peoples that are part of Israel.  The little touches, like the words of the day, and your gentle way with us “older” folk were much appreciated.  All in all, you are the finest guide I have ever worked with. "– Rabbi Seymour Rosenbloom, Adath Jeshurun Synagogue from Elkins Park, PA (May 2011)

"Hello Kobi, Thanks again for your interesting tour through Jerusalem. It was by far the most impressive day during our 12 day vacation. You told it all with humor, poetry and a lot of passion.  I hope you will turn out to be as good father as you are a tour guide."  – Wouter and Erika from Holland (May 2011)


"Kobi gave us the most memorable trip we have ever had. He taught us about the Bible in fun and adventurous ways. He managed to keep my 3 sons engaged completely which is a feat for sure. He is knowledgeable, fun, sensitive to all faiths and faiths, and coordinated all of our requests perfectly! I would recommend him to all who want to experience Israel in a truly magnificent way. He has tremendous work ethic. We felt he was the perfect guide!" – Missy Bingham from USA (April 2011)


"Kobi – We are back in the states. Thanks to you our trip was really one that we will remember always.  Your knowledge and expertise of Israel and its history opened our eyes and our minds to what our Jewish heritage really means, and how it is a part of each of us." – Larry Goldberg from Long Island, NY (March 2011)


"Kobi – It’s hard to believe we are back home and working trying to settle back into our normal lives.  The trouble is hereafter our  lives have been permanently changed forever. What was normal does not feel normal.  We shall never forget the sights and interpretations you shared with us.  I feel like we left a part of us in Israel or perhaps we took a part with us.  Thank you for helping make that part so significant for us all.  I hope we get a chance to see you back in the States. "– Binnie Footer from Philadelphia, PA (October 2010)

"Dear Kobi, Now that I have reacclimated back to the US, put our Israel rocks in a jar, downloaded all the 1900 pictures, and uploaded our Israel/Hebrew tunes, I figured it was time to drop you a note to tell you how truly grateful I am for having you as our guide for this trip.  My biggest wish for this trip was to have my children, Emma, Ian and Ryan come back with whatever understanding they found that being Jewish was more than just a religion, that Israel is home.  That I push them to go to Hebrew school for a reason, that I push them to go to temple for a reason.  That being Jewish is something to be proud of, because many people fought long and hard to have that right…  Well you truly succeeded in that.  When I ask the kids how they liked the trip they simply say it was “Great!” I couldn’t ask for anything more!!  It was a pleasure to get to know you, and sharing your knowledge and “our” home with us.  I wish you all the best…to you and your lovely wife…" – Lisa Berg from Long Island, NY (August 2010)


"Kobi – I cannot say enough for all your kindness to my children and grandchildren; we could not have asked for a better guide and more considerate and kind human being.   Thank you for giving my family a wonderful experience in Israel.  You were exactly what I had hoped for and more so.  The children received  an adventure of a lifetime and hopefully memories that will last as long, but more so a feeling of being part of a special people, culture and  country.  Wishing you and your wife a healthy, happy, peaceful New Year. if you are ever in NYC please don’t hesitate to say hello and our house is yours." – Elaine Fleischman from Long Island, NY (August 2010)


Hello Kobi!  First of all thank you so much for your tour; we really enjoyed it.  It’s always beautiful see someone doing something with passion. I’ve seen this in you." – Luiz Carlos Ramiro Junior from Brazil (July 2010)


"Dear Kobi, We really enjoyed your tour of the Holy City today. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, enthusiasm and insight. We would love to follow you on your fan page. Can you please send it to me? Regards!" – The Garbaty Family from Grand Rapids, MI (April 2010)


"Dear Kobi, This was the second time that I went with you on a tour – my first time was a year ago – and I believe you are one of the best and most professional guides I have ever met in my life. I am a professional licensed guide of French Canada myself and travel with groups as an escort and interpreter all over the world. Apart from being highly professional, you have a wonderful attitude towards your group, plus I was extremely impressed with your deep knowledge on the tour of the Holy City when you dealt in an equally knowledgeable manner with the issues of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Now when I think of Israel, and specifically of Jerusalem, I can’t help thinking of you. Looking forward to being your tourist again.” – Olga Kaminiar from Montreal, Canada (March 2010)


"Dear Sirs, My father and I have found your publicity by chance in our hotel in Jerusalem and decided to follow a tour Kobi guided on the 24th of January and it was just brilliant. As I work in tourism, I am quite familiar with guides, so I can say that Kobi was especially excellent! Clearly he is passionate about what he does, providing good background info in a nice manner and well-documented. He’s really a person you want to be around, and for that my father and I rearranged our trip to be sure to take part that Wednesday in another tour with him. Another fantastic experience for us with a very qualified if not overqualified guide, Kobi. I wish these words reach him, as he reached to us. We have learned so much during our walks with him and he gave our trip another dimension; a whole new experience, and we would like to thank him for doing so.” – Nathalie Brabants from Belgium (January 2010)


"Hi Kobi! Thank you again for the great tour we had with you in Israel – we experienced and learned so many interesting things. We have many fond memories (and photos) of the time we spent together. I’ve been recommending your services all around Melbourne!" –Fay Selby from Melbourne, Australia (September 2009)

"Hi Kobi! I want to thank you once more for being my guide in Jerusalem. You placed Jerusalem deep in my heart; it was because of your enthusiasm, your knowledge and your funny stories. I had a GREAT time in Jerusalem thanks to you!"– Sylwia Kopowka from Poland (September 2009)


“Kobi was a wonderful guide to us and our 4 young children! Knowledgeable, EXTREMELY patient with the kids, never in a rush and always prompt. He came up with excellent activities for the kids to keep them engaged and the kids loved him! You’ll be lucky to get Kobi as your guide!” – Melanie and Eric Appelbaum from Harrison, NY (August 2009)


“Thanks so much Kobi for an absolutely great day!!! I will remember it always.” – Tom Irving, Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP, Washington DC (June 2009)


“A memorable day, much enhanced by your knowledge and observations; I really enjoyed it.” – Steven O’Connor, Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP, Washington, DC (June 2009)


“Hi Kobi, I just wanted to thank you for an AMAZING trip. My trip went above and beyond my expectations. While there, I fell in love with Israel. I hope to be returning as soon as possible. Thanks for being an awesome tour guide!” – Abby Reich (June 2009)


“Kobi – You made my first trip to Israel the best experience of my life. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this trip. You are a great person and any tour group is lucky to have you. Thank you so much for everything.” – Rachel (June 2009)


"Hey Kobi! How are you? First of all, I wanted to thank you for everything you did for us this trip, all the wonderful information and insights you gave us, especially the extra tidbits, all the little side trips we would not have had the opportunity to make otherwise, and having so much fun with us!! It really made the trip very special. Thanks also for the CD!! My brother and I held my mom captive to listen to the CD on the way home from the airport. Thanks again for everything!" – Jess Norman (June 2009)


“To Kobi – for doing such an excellent job, a BiG ThAnK YoU! A lot of useful info to take in and process, learnt a lot about Jerusalem and all the different faiths in general.” – Ingrid from London (April 2009)


“Kobi, I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful tiyul yesterday. The women had a great time and paid you many compliments. We look forward to sightseeing with you again in the future.” – Zia Rose, Midreshet Rachel (March 2009)


"Greetings Kobi, Great tour today – had a fabulous time. Definitely looking forward to staying in touch. "– Justin Zimmerman, Yeshivat Darchei Noam (February 2009)


“Hi Kobi, Thanks for being such a great tour guide during our visit to Israel. We had a great time! Next time we are in Israel we will look you up and we may be sending other patrons your way in the future. Shalom.” – Nyla Ismail and Orson Sydora from Texas (February 2009)

Kobi made our trip amazing!  It’s been over 11 years and it’s still one of the most memorable experiences for my tour mates and myself... all thanks to Kobi! Kobi was incredibly knowledgeable, bringing into context cultural, religious, and historic information in a fun and interactive experience. We had fun, we learned, we bonded, we were amazed and left our trip with Kobi feeling like we were given a tour of a lifetime.  We tasted, explored and visited our way through Israel with Kobi. We hiked, we went to metropolitan and small towns, found unique vendors at big and small markets, we rode a camel, stayed in the desert at a Bedouin camp, danced at the Western Wall, just to name a few. The entire time Kobi was energetic, charming, friendly, courteous and respectful. He made sure our group was well prepared for each day and the many destinations on our itinerary. He even made the time in transit more fun. Not only was he incredibly respectful towards the places we visited and people we encountered but he made sure we also knew how to be as well.  It is clear Kobi loves what he does. His tour experience was beyond what any of us expected from a tour. He helped us truly connect to the people, the history and culture of the many faces of Israel. I’ve had many tours before Kobi's and many since, and my trip to Israel with Kobi’s incredible insight still stands out as the best. I hope to be back to Israel in the next few years with my kids and will definitely be reaching out to Kobi. - Marina Hoffberger from Baltimore, MD (January 2009) 

Kobi is fantastic! Incredibly knowledgeable, both historically well as so much recent that is recent and new. He’s also charming, friendly and courteous as well as respectful towards the places and people that he brings his tours to. He goes beyond the minimum that people might expect from a tour and thrives on being able to connect people to history and culture, showing a love that is heartfelt for every part of the world he takes you through. I’ve been around the world a little bit, having been to 15 different countries and he stands out as someone who has impressed me more than any other professional guide that I have met with. I toured with him back in 2009 and have since come back at least once and made sure to connect with him again. - Shawn S from New York, NY (January 2009) 

Kobi is amazing! He really knows his stuff and he makes the tours really fun by getting in character, sometimes dressing as historical figures like king Herod. He really knows his way around and has a great sense of humor, which is a plus. If you're looking for a tour guide, definitely, go with Kobi. You won't regret it. - Zivia Akerman from New York, NY (January 2019)


“Kobi, It was such a pleasure working with you. Our kids benefited so much from your warmth, knowledge, interactive manner of presenting and the interest you showed in them. Hope your wife is doing well and wishing you all the best. Thanks for taking care of our tzedakah so promptly.” – Rabbi Joe Menashe, Congregation Sherith Israel, Dallas, TX (January 2009)


"Hey Kobi, Thanks so much! I feel it necessary to again thank you for being a major contributor in creating such great memories, experiences and happy moments for me and the 31 others from our program, not to mention the hundreds more on other programs! You certainly have one amazing job Kobi. Looking forward to walking the land of Israel with you again soon in the future!" – Laivi from Australia (December 2008)


“Cheers Kobi, Wonderful introduction to the Old city! Tour was great even with your jokes haha kidding! No we really loved the history and then getting around was a lot easier afterwards!” – Fafetai Lava from Samoa & New Zealand (November 2008) – Landowne Family (October 2008)


“Last year, my wife’s parents left the U.S. for the first time and came to Israel for our wedding. We hired Kobi as a tour guide, and he traveled with her family all over Jerusalem. Our family members raved about Kobi’s wonderful personality, excellent communication skills, his wealth of knowledge about the places in Jerusalem that were meaningful to them–and most of all, his sense of humor. I highly recommend Kobi and I would definitely use his services again.” – Nadav Rotem (September 2008)

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