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Israelis Struggle With Wearing Masks - For 1 Unique Reason

Ah Israelis.... They will always find ways to innovate and be revolutionary.

If you go outside in Israel today, like in many countries, you will find the older generation being very good about wearing masks, the middle generation being so-so about it and the younger generation seemingly oblivious to what's going on (and yes I know I am generalizing but after two weeks of walking around outside now, it's a pretty true generalization). Many people wear them, just not covering their mouths and noses as intended, but rather around their necks, ready to pull up in the off chance that a police officer will actually approach them. And then there's this guy...

That's right. Mr. Israeli Innovation 2020 here, has found a way to both wear a mask, and show his faith and trust in God to protect him (which I am not knocking), at the same time. It's quite impressive to be honest. A true only in Israel moment.

And I know that some Israeli has seen this and is already creating a startup focused on a new way to keep one's kipa/yarmulke from falling off.

While I jest of course, this is the kind of out of the mask thinking (or chutzpah) that has led Israel to be known as startup nation and innovation nation (in addition to a center of spirituality and religion). For more on my tech tours of Israel, to see truly impressive cutting edge technology and thinking, check out this page here: https://www.tourguideofisrael.com/hi-tech-tours

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