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Muna: A New Israeli Show To Watch On YouTube

Updated: Jun 12

A fascinating new show from Israeli-Arab singer, actor and peace activist Mira Awad, is now showing on Youtube. The 8-episode show revolves the life of an Arab-Israeli woman named Muna (played by Mouna Hawa who features in the first few episodes of season 1 of Fauda) and the conflict in her life between her conservative Arab village and upbringing and her current life in Tel Aviv. Adding fuel the fire is the fact that she has a Jewish boyfriend, and it's all set to the backdrop of an escalation of violence from/with Gaza. Another Fauda star (who also appears in Season 2 of Mossad 101), Ala Dakaa, plays her manager (she is a singer on the verge of stardom) and the third part of a love triangle (well a fourth, if we consider that her boyfriend is technically still married). I'm definitely intrigued.... only one small problem - I haven't found it with English subtitles yet. Netflix are you listening? I'll keep you posted when I do.

All 8 shows are available here in Hebrew/Arabic (with both subtitles): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsfbJlO_o-4

Here is the trailer (with English)...

Here is an interview with Mira Awad, the screenwriter, on whom the show is loosely based.

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