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[Almost] All Restrictions on Entering Israel Set to End

It's a brave new world.

And it's a long-time coming.

There are now [virtually] no COVID-related restrictions in relation to traveling to Israel.


Here is everything you need to know:

COVID Tests Before Arrival: It recently was decided that an antigen test within 24 hours of departure can be done instead of a PCR test (within 72 hours). Now, however, as of May 21st, it appears there will be no more pre-flight testing requirements at all! If so, it would bring the policy in line with that of those with Israeli citizenship (who are not required to have a test before entering Israel).

COVID Tests and Quarantine upon Arrival: As of May 21st there will also be no more PCR testing done upon arrival in Israel. This also means that there will be no more 24 hour quarantining either. You can come into Israel and start your tour as normal.

Masks: Israel scrapped the indoor mask requirement back on April 24th, apart from hospitals, old-age homes and aboard planes. As of May 24th, there will be no more requirement to mask aboard air planes heading both to and from Israel.

Health Insurance: There still has not been an announcement regarding travel health insurance for COVID-related matters. As of now it seems that the requirement for having health insurance which will cover you in case of a need of hospitalization in Israel due to COVID is still in place. If you need insurance, here is one company that does it (note that I have absolutely no affiliation with them):

Entry Statement: You still must fill out the entry statement within 48 hours of your departure to Israel. The link for that is here:

If you get COVID while in Israel: As of now you are still supposed to quarantine yourself for up to 7 days. If you test negative on a home antigen test on the 3rd and 4th nights, you can get out after 5 days. There is talk that this may change for Israelis soon (which means that for tourists it would change not long afterwards) though I'm not sure what the new rules will look like yet (perhaps only for those with symptoms?).

Jordan: If anyone plans to continue on to visit Jordan from Israel, there is no COVID test required to enter the country anymore either. You will however have to fill out a form. The link for that is here:

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