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The IDF is Looking at Opening All Positions to Women

One question I often get as a tour guide of Israel is about women's service in the IDF. Well, after a case was recently brought to the Israel's Supreme Court, the IDF has created a special committee to look into integrating women beyond the units in which they already serve [they claim it was actually created a month prior]. Women today already serve somewhere in between 87-94% of the possible positions in the IDF - including in some mixed combat battalions (photos below) - but this would potentially open up more opportunities in combat positions including in commando units.

And for an in-depth interview with the 4 young women (see photo), who took their case to Israel's highest court , click here:

I'm no expert, but I wouldn't want to have to face them on the field of battle.

One issue not mentioned in the article, however, is the concurrent attempt by the IDF to recruit more Haredi (ultra-orthodox) soldiers. Haredim barely serve in the IDF which causes a severe social rift in the country. This often poses a dichotomy because Haredim are unlikely to serve if there are women on base, much less together in units with them.

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