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Babies @ the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo: Lions, Black Swans & a Giraffe!

Some good news as Israel heads into Shabbat. The Jerusalem Zoo has a new baby giraffe, which somehow is still an inch taller than me. She is actually the second giraffe born there since June and is as of yet unnamed. Both the baby and the mother, 26-year old Akia, are doing well. The previous giraffe was born on the longest day of the year, which conveniently is International Giraffe Day! You can see the new giraffe as well as all of the other wonderful animals below (and many more) when you come to Israel with me, your tour guide of Israel.

Earlier this week, the zoo also saw some new baby black swans join the party. Still, they would not be the most famous Black Swan born in Jerusalem, which of course would be Natalie Portman (Neta-Lee Herschlag).

And finally, here is an update on the lions that were born a few months ago.

Here is my earlier post from when they were born.

And here is the lion family wishing everyone a Chag Sameach and Happy New Year!

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