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Covid-19 is All the Jewish Holidays at Once

In the days of COVID-19 we seem to have lost track of time. Locked up in our homes it is like we have entered a time warp. Some say 2020 (at least in the USA) started like 1974 (impeachment), went to 1995 (Kobe earthquake), moved to 1919 (pandemic) and on to 1929 (economic crisis) and jumped to 1968 (racial unrest). For Jews, however, it seems as if a year's worth of holidays are happening all at once.

Disclaimer: the following is based on something going around on the internet - I just expanded upon the idea.

We are walking around in slippers and mourning the sinat chinam (causeless hate) which swirls around us like it is Tisha B'Av.

We are wearing masks like it is Purim.

We are only allowed to eat outside like it is Sukkot.

We are appreciating just being able to breathe like it is TuB'Shvat (new year for trees).

We are eating junk food like it is Chanukah.

We are ingesting wine like it is Simchat Torah.

We are wiping down everything like it is Passover.

We are staying up late like it is Shavuot and sleeping in like it is Shabbat.

We are enjoying the outdoors - whenever we can - like it is Lag Ba'Omer.

We are calling out for justice and righteousness like it is Rosh HaShana.

We are celebrating Israel like it's Yom HaAtzmaut (at least when it was leading the fight against COVID-19; despite recent setbacks, they are among the leaders to find a vaccine).

We are mourning those we have lost like it is Yom HaShoah and Yom HaZikaron.

We are praying for ourselves, our families and our communities like it is Yom Kippur.

And we are definitely ready for all of this to end so that we can make Havdalah.

Yet especially in these times, we are reminded that we are not in complete control of our own destinies; that there is only one Master of the Universe - and that indeed it is Hashem/God who wears the crown (corona).

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