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Interview with an Israeli World Champion Judoka

Meet Sagi Muki. Muki is the 2019 World Champion in Judo in the under 81kg weight class and Israel's first male judo world champion. He is perhaps being Israel'a best hope at a second Olympic gold medal [rhythmic gymnast extraordinaire Linoy Ashram might have something to say about that] - the first of course being Gal Fridman in windsurfing in 2004.

Muki is famous for befriending an Iranian judoka world champion who would have faced him in the world championship finals, but his country - Iran - forced him to throw his semifinal match so that he wouldn't compete against an Israeli. In Muki's semi-final match - against an Egyptian judoka - his opponent refused to shake Muki's hand at the end of the match [Israel has a very cold peace with Egypt with no cultural exchange], though he was later criticized for that decision by his government.

Below you can watch two short videos to get to know Sagi Muki and then hear a wonderful interview with this great Israeli sportsman. Plus here are two articles about his victory.

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