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Israeli Celebrity Chef in the US Turns Culinary Relief Head

Updated: May 31, 2020

A wonderful story of Alon Shaya, who has turned his restaurants in New Orleans and Denver, Saba and Safta (Grandpa and Grandma), into centers for food packages for health care workers, furloughed restaurant workers and others. Shaya is a James Beard award

winner (like the Oscars for chefs), who used to be the head chef at Shaya, his namesake restaurant, before being forced out (which he contends was over his speaking up about sexual harassment in the restaurant group). It's wonderful to see him and his wife doing such great chesed/tikun olam (acts of lovingkindness/fixing the world). You can help support the restaurants by purchasing gift cards. Or just get the cookbook (see the picture). For more on this heartwarming story, click the link below. For more on the Israeli food scene, well you'll just have to come on a culinary tour of Israel with me.

To learn more about my food and wine tours of Israel, click here...

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