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A Pool Party with Ibex at Machtesh Ramon

An amazing video of an Israeli family on vacation at the incredible Beresheet Hotel on the edge of Machtesh Ramon (often called Ramon crater though it is not one)... A group of male ibex (not a mom and kids, as the man clearly traveling without a tour guide of Israel in tow,

claimed in Hebrew) came to drink from their private swimming pool with a view - while they were in it. One of those "Only in Israel" moments...

If you don't know what an ibex is, it's kind of the love child between a goat and a deer. It is the symbol of the national parks authority in Israel and the name in Hebrew - Yael - is a common Jewish girl's name in Israel (one of the Hebrew names of both my mother and first-born daughter). Plus a heroine in the Bible was called Yael and she was pretty bad-ass and resourceful. If you are looking for a name for a girl that will be steady, stubborn and find her own path, maybe it's for you.

If you are looking for an amazing place to stay in Israel - the Beresheet hotel just on the edge of the machtesh could be for you as well. Great food, amazing spa and spectacular views. Plus, who knows, maybe you too could host an ibex pool party.

Plus the machtesh is home to great hiking, rappelling, jeeping, a visitor's center and a fantastic place to see the stars at night (with a local starman if you like).

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