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Talk with Israel's Former Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon

Israel's former Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, gave an online talk courtesy of Stand With Us. Danon served for the past 5 years in the position. He has also served as Israel's Minister of Science, Technology and Space as well as Deputy Defense Minister.

The UN, has been a hostile atmosphere for Israel due to there being 66 Arab/Muslim countries and of course, only one Jewish state [as a tour guide of Israel, I sometimes jokingly call them the "Useless Nothings," at least in Israeli eyes]. In many UN bodies, there have been more resolutions directed at Israel than all the rest of the world combined. Despite that Danon has risen to incredible heights, becoming the first Israeli to ever serve as the chair of the UN"s legal committee. He was also elected as the Vice President of the General Assembly (from the Western states) and even accompanied the UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon on a trip to Israel.

What's it like to represent Israel at the UN? Is there any positive news coming out of there; has Israel made any headway at all? Check out the presentation here...

A few days ago he gave a talk with Bnai Brith International entitled the UN at 75. You can see that talk as well here...

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