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Icelandic Sephardic Jewish Cookies... Say What? [Recipe]

In 1492, just days before Columbus sailed the ocean blue, Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain kicked out all the Jews from their domain. Part of my family was there. They went to Portugal and were kicked of there 5 years later. They then went where the Inquisition could not reach them - Protestant Netherlands. And they brought their cookies with them.....

So how did these Dutch Sephardi Jewish cookies end up in a Manitoban cookbook about foods from Iceland called The Culinary Saga of New Iceland, Recipes From the Shores of Lake Winnipeg when Icelandic Jewish immigration to rural Canada is not really a thing? And how did they get the name "gyðingakökur," which translates to “Jewish cookie? And most importantly, how can you make them?

Shabbat Shalom :)

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