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My Life is Complete: Tel Aviv Has a Cereal Bar!

As a young child, I would keep all my finished cereal boxes stacked on the floor of my closet and when my parents couldn't find me in my bed in the morning, they knew exactly where to find me; sleeping on top of my best friends. As a quickly-growing teenager I would eat an entire box of cereal in one sitting; friends' parents knew to stock up if I was coming over. But ever since I made aliyah to Israel it has been hard getting some of my favorite cereals - or affording them if they did arrive (they would often go for $8-10/box). Well the long trek through the wilderness is over my friends. Tel Aviv now has a cereal bar...

That's right. The only problem is the name. Lulu & Co? Where's the imagination? London has Cereal Killer Cafe! Madrid has Cereal Hunters Cafe! Philadelphia and Dallas have Cereality! How about... Cereal Number or CeReality Bites?

No matter what, I am definitely adding this into my Israel Culinary Tour. You know, for kids. So that they can try all the Israeli cereals. Including Bamba. Yes, there was a Bamba cereal.

Don't know what a culinary tour of Israel looks like? Check this out:

And while I might not really put this in to the tour (unless you ask nicely), it's definitely a place to check out when you are here.

Oh and this is just a great excuse for me to include one of my favorite movie scenes, featuring notorious tough guy Liam Neeson...

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