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The WWII Vatican Archives are Finally Being Opened - and it's Already Not Looking Good for Pius XII

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

After years of asserting that the Pope, who remained silent during the Holocaust, was actually working behind-the-scenes to help Jews during the Holocaust, the Vatican finally opened its archives in March to researchers.

As a tour guide of Israel, I often bring up this situation while touring Yad Vashem. And finally, we have some answers.

The first results of that search have come to light (keeping in mind the fact that due to coronavirus, many researchers have yet to arrive in Rome) and already it is showing some damning evidence. What will the find as they go deeper down the rabbit hole? How will this affect Pope Pius XII's chance at becoming a saint? Will books (like the picture) need to be rewritten? It remains to be seen. For more on the story, check out the link below...

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