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What do we know about Jesus' Nazareth?

Nazareth of today is the biggest Arab city in Israel but 2000 years ago it was just a small little village, so much so that it is written in the Gospels "What good can come from Nazareth?" As an Israel tour guide, I can tell you that when people come to me and want to see Jesus' Nazareth, there is just not so much to show them. Today's city sits on top of the ancient village which makes doing archaeology a difficult task. So the big question of course - what exactly do we know about Nazareth from Jesus' time? Just what have the archaeologists found? Well, here are some clear answers via an Israeli archaeologist who has worked in the Lower Galilee for the past 30 years.

Just to note: In Jesus' time, the population was probably no more than 500 people. Yet by 1862 the population of Nazareth was still only 3,120 and in 1946 it was only 15,540. Today it is over 80,000 (with over 210,000 in the greater Nazareth area, 125,000 of whom are Arab).

Read the story here and make sure to listen to the interview below ....

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