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8 Incredible Israeli TV Series You Should Be Watching

Stuck at home and can't get back to Israel (yet)? As a tour guide of Israel I of course feel your pain. In the meantime, there's no better way to get ready for Israel on your couch then to catch up with what Israelis are watching from their couches. Here is a great updated list of Israeli shows that are streaming internationally or will be soon... Of those on the list, I can personally recommend When Heroes Fly which stars Tomer Capon (from Fauda) and Michael Alone (from Shtisel).

And here's a list of 12 from March...

Of course, don't listen to them about Shtisel - Season 3 is indeed being filmed now as we speak...

For more on Tehran, On the Spectrum and Muna which are listed here, see my previous posts:

To see my full list of recommended viewing, click here:

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