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New TV Shows & Music From Israel

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

In the last number of years, the amount of high-quality Israeli TV series have flooded the online-streaming market. Shows like Fauda, Shtisel and many more have given insights into the diverse and drama-filled lives that people live here. Now a number of new shows are set to hit the airwaves. Here is a quick rundown.

To see my complete list of recommended Israeli shows and movies click here:

Apple TV just ordered 3 seasons of a show called Tehran, created by a writer of Fauda. The plot centers around a young Israeli hacker who is recruited by the Mossad and sent to Iran

to hack into an Iranian nuclear reactor and gets swept up in the pro-democracy movement. Note: In the UK it as picked up Cineflix.

Trailer below (Farsi with Hebrew subtitles).

Meanwhile, Amazon recently picked up an American adaptation of the Israeli show "On the Spectrum" about 3 young people on the autism spectrum sharing an apartment. Trailer below (Hebrew with English subtitles).

As I wrote about several days ago, Muna, about an Israeli-Arab woman and her Jewish boyfriend's struggling relationship which is being tested by a war with Gaza is streaming on youtube (but we are still waiting for English subtitles).

Meanwhile a former Birthright Israel participant and recent oleh (immigrant) to Israel is working on creating an Israeli Netflix to highlight the incredible content coming out of Israel.

On the music scene, as I also mentioned a few days ago, the talented Israeli teenage singer/actress/model/soldier Noa Kirel just signed the biggest American record deal ever by an Israeli artist.

Apparently, however, US record companies don't want to wait anymore for us to find them. In the hopes of grabbing the next Noa Kirel or Static & Ben El Tavori, Universal just became the first American music label to open a branch in Israel.

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