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IDF Soldier/Singer Signs Historic Deal With Atlantic Records

Updated: Jun 12

Israeli teen singer and Youtube sensation Noa Kirel just signed the largest ever deal by an Israeli recording artist with a US record label. Amazingly, Kirel is only 18 years-old, having just recently been inducted into the IDF before corona hit , where she is serving in her own military band. She has been a star on the Israeli music scene already for the last 4 years or so and has appeared on TV shows, movies, in commercials, as a model and has represented Israel at the MTV Europe music video awards. Two of her songs "Ten Li Siman" and "Ba Li Otcha" hit #1 on the Israeli charts with two more reaching #2 ("Tikitas" and "Migibor Leoyev"). And of course, she was on Israel's Got Talent - not as a contestant mind you, but as a JUDGE, while not even yet 18.

For more on this "record" deal: https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/noa-kirel-israeli-singer-and-idf-soldier-signs-historic-deal-630941

For more on her, check out this feature in Haaretz which calls her "Israel's Brittany Spears" though she might be more like Miley Cyrus (one of her TV shows was essentially an Israeli version of Hannah Montana where she played both characters).


To check out her music/videos on her official YouTube channel (which has 450,000 subscribers): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7sHZrh1-mdwyBLq52m1MSw

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