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Bake the Bread of the Seven Heavens for Shavuot

Updated: May 31

This past week as part of the Great Big Jewish Food Fest taking place online, I was privileged to watch the making of a unique Sephardi Jewish food tradition almost lost to history: El Pan de Siete Cielos - the Bread of the Seven Heavens - which is baked especially for Shavuot which begins tonight. I say this because it is never sold in public (it's unfortunately not part of my culinary tours of Israel) and only a few families in the world are still keeping this delicious tradition. I found an article about it here - https://www.timesofisrael.com/from-spain-to-salonika-a-disappearing-shavuot-tradition-revisited/ which includes a recipe - for those would like to learn about and perhaps revive this dying Jewish culinary tradition. You can also watch the cooking demonstration in the video below. Chag Sameach everyone! Happy Shavuot :)

All of the videos of the festival's events have been saved on Facebook and you can access them here: https://www.facebook.com/greatbigjewishfoodfest


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