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Come on 2020! Monster Jellyfish Invade Israel

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

2020 seems to be on track for one of the worst years ever. [For some historical perspective, just be happy you weren't alive in 536CE - see video below]. We may have been spared the murder hornets, but apparently the next things is.... monster jellyfish invasions.

For portion of each summer, Israel has jellyfish on the Mediterranean coast. For the avid beachgoer, you can try to plan your trip to avoid jellyfish season (talk to your resident tour guide of Israel about this). In general they still don't seem to stop people from entering the water - but one should be careful. Of course this new breed of monster jellyfish seem pretty scary but on the plus side, they at least are easy to spot.

For some fun facts about jellyfish in Israel and in general, click here:

One thing to note: peeing on jellyfish stings does not help! Sorry Chandler and Monica...

And peeing on these monster ones might just make them mad....

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