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Incredible New Anti-Drone Technology From Israel

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Several decades ago, Israel became the world’s leader in military drone technology. But now, Israel has become the world's leader in anti-drone technoogy.

On my most recent Israel tech tour this past February, I took my group to a company which creates lightning-fast interceptor drones and another which deals in drone-based extended reality technology which combines virtual elements with real-life environments. Now, a new Israeli startup in wearable tech has taken it to a new level. They have created a personal anti-drone device which has already been sold to the US and NATO. The IDF is considering purchasing it but the price is quite hefty. Either way, I can see this definitely getting into a James Bond movie down the road - perhaps even a title: Skylock…,7340,L-3843211,00.html

If you want to know the rules for flying drones in Israel, click here:

Finally, as a tour guide of Israel, I can promise you that if you are with me, you will not need this $50,000 personal protective gear. That’s because part of my standard operating procedure - included in my daily rate - is to create a No Droan Zone on tour. Please note for the record, that I did not say a No Groan Zone. You’re welcome.

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