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Israel is Breaking its Ban on Front-Line Female Combat Soldiers

In a first for the women in Israel Defense Forces (IDF) since the War of Independence, certain female combat soldiers will become front-line soldiers with the ability to cross borders if necessary during war-time. This is one of the first steps taken after an IDF committee was formed in August to review the roles women are allowed to take in the IDF. While the vast majority of roles have become open to women in the past decade, there are still a number of positions and brigades in which they are barred from serving. So which unit will have the first female front-line combat soldiers? For more on this story click here:

In related news, Israel's only female F-35 pilot, has been named the deputy commander of the Israeli Air Force's 116th Squadron. As of November Israel should have 27 F-15 aircraft. "While there are several female F-35 pilots in the United States Air Force, it is believed that Capt. S is only the second woman to fly the advanced fifth-generation stealth fighter jet in combat, and is certainly the first woman in Israel to do so."

As a tour guide of Israel this is one of the questions I often get when we visit soldiers on the armistice lines with Lebanon and Syria - "why don't we see any women here?" [Note: co-ed battalions patrol the borders with Jordan and Egypt, the neighboring countries with whom Israel has peace.] Well, maybe next time we go we will actually see some...

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