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Israel's Most Ambitious TV Project Ever is Now Underway

This is incredibly exciting. Okay, perhaps not as much as Israel agreeing to a peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates today [for more on that click here:] but for anyone who loves Israeli TV, this is a huge breaking story.

The producers of Israel's two biggest hit shows, Fauda and Shtisel, are bringing the best-selling epic historical fiction novel "The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem" to life in what promises to be the most ambitious Israeli TV project to date. The epic tale follows the story of a Sephardic Jewish family throughout the upheaval of the first half of the 20th century in the Land of Israel. It will include stars such as Michael Aloni, who plays the lead in Shtisel, Itzik Cohen who played Gabi (Captain Ayub) in Fauda and Hila Saada of The Baker and the Beauty.

From Deadline: "Set in the early-mid 20th century, the ambitious series will chart the passionate and tragic history of a family living through the Ottoman Empire, The British Mandate and Israel’s War of Independence. The multi-generational historical melodrama will shoot across the country in Hebrew, English, Ladino and Arabic."

As an Israel tour guide, I always love to point out where famous movies and shows were filmed in Israel. I'm actually working on a walking tour of Jerusalem - with clips - of various things filmed in Jerusalem [or which should have been filmed there]. I can't wait to add this new show into it...

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