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The Answer To The #1 Question I'm Asked on Tour

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

So the #1 thing I am asked on tour (besides where is the closest bathroom) is just how many of those inflatable Israeli flag hammer-type things do you have? For those of you who have yet to tour with me... a little background. Every tour guide of Israel holds up some item in the

air so that groups can spot him/her and know where to go. With group trips this is an imperative; with smaller families it is useful in crowded areas like markets.

I am known to have the most unique one (not that anybody else can't use it - I've just never seen anyone else do it): inflatable Israeli flag "Hebrew Hammers" which are sold during Israeli Independence Day (see photo).

I also use them when we visit Roman amphitheatres (usually at Caesarea) to engage in gladiatorial combat by letting the kids/young adults smack each other with them (I have Roman/Crusader helmets as well) - and again, am the only guide who seems to do this (I also run human chariot races).

I love using them because unlike an umbrella, for example, they weigh nothing, I can deflate them and put them in my pocket, and I can give a love tap to anyone who is disturbing the tour :). Fortunately, I bought so many last year (they tend to get holes in them) that not being able to refresh my stock this year won't be a problem. I love getting lots of different ones - hammers, clubs, balls & chains, bats, tridents, swords, axes, hands, etc.

So how many do I have? Fortunately corona gave me time to take account of my stockpile of weapons. Well at this point, at the end of a year of guiding (from last Independence Day), I have 35, of which 21 are in good shape and 14 need to be rehabilitated if possible. So, finally, you have an answer to the single-most asked question I receive on tour :)

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