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Forget Trees - Plant Vines, Get Wine & Help Israeli Charities

I am very excited about this... A new initiative of the Israel Innovation Fund is not only organizing a number of wineries together to be able to sell their wine online but is even allowing you to plant vines in Israel - and help Israeli charities at the same time.

The wine on the vine program allows you to plant a vine in Israel for $18 (the same price as a JNF tree) with part of the money going to an amazing charity of your choosing, which includes 3 of my favorites - The Lone Soldier Center, Project Leket and Save a Child's Heart. Depending how many vines you plant you will receive a number of free bottles of wine and can even have a vineyard named after you! Plus it is tax-deductible in the USA :) https://www.wineonthevine.org/

The online store includes about 10 wineries so far, with two that I can personally recommend very highly - Tulip and Shiloh. https://israwines.com/home/

Israel was making wine thousands of years before the Italians and the French and has some 350-400 wineries in the country. Wine Spectato

r magazine has ranked several Israeli wines each year in their Top 100, and noted wine critics Robert Parker and Hugh Johnson have scored dozens of Israeli wines a 90+. For those who would like to try all of them, as a tour guide of Israel I run food and wine tours of Israel. To check out these amazing culinary tours of Israel click here: https://www.tourguideofisrael.com/culinary-tours

For a note on Israel's wine-making past - perhaps the most famous biblical vineyard may have been identified: https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/archaeologists-might-have-identified-jezreel-winery-featured-in-bible-630642

Once you have your glass of Israeli wine ready, feel free to upload a photo with the hashtag #mylchaim. Lchaim everyone :)

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