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International Hummus Day - Extreme Hummus Fails

Updated: May 31

Yesterday was International Hummus Day. I think Hallmark might be working on a scratch and sniff card or something like that... Anyway, in past years hummus has become trendy.

The reason for that I believe, is that hummus is just not good outside of the Middle East. And definitely not that sabra hummus. It's like eating a Philly cheesesteak outside of Philadelphia. Just not the real thing. So they dress it up - pumpkin spice girl hummus, black been avocado white people hummus, kale oxtail entrail super fail hummus; you get the picture. Here is a list of the 6 worst things ever to happen to hummus. And if you want the real stuff - well, you know where to find me. Come on one of my culinary tours of Israel and you'll be eating all the awesome hummus you can stomach. But no, unlike the Zohan, we don't brush our teeth/hair with it or bathe our cats in it. There may be a spa treatment though... https://forward.com/culture/446374/the-6-worst-things-people-have-done-to-hummus/

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