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Israel's Next Great Actress: Shira Haas

At this point you are probably familiar with famed Israeli actress Neta-Lee Hershlag.

Don't recognize the name? You probably know her as Natalie Portman. Well her successor is now here (and I do love Gal Gadot - aka Wonderwoman - but we are talking a different level here).

Introducing Shira Haas. Shira was recently the lead in the acclaimed, if controversial, Netflix series Unorthodox. Now that you can picture her face, you might realize that she also is in the hit Israeli TV show Shtisel and the movies The ZooKeeper's Wife and Mary Magdalene, as well as a number of Israeli movies. She also performed in Natalie Portman's directorial debut of A Tale of Love and Darkness (based off of famed Israeli author Amos Oz's book of the same name), in which she helped Portman with her accent in Hebrew. Note: Portman speaks Hebrew but hasn't lived in Israel since she was a baby.

Most recently, however, she was in the Israeli movie Asia which won 3 awards at the Tribeca Film Festival in April, including a Best Actress award for Haas. Of course she has already been nominated for 4 Israeli Academy Awards with one win (Best Supporting Actress in "Noble Savage"), so that's nothing new for her. Oh yeah, she's only 25 years old.

For more on this incredible young actress and rising star click here: https://www.heyalma.com/18-things-to-know-about-shira-haas/

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