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Israeli Restaurant Uri Buri Named in Top 25 Worldwide

The people have spoken. The incredible seafood restaurant in Akko, Uri Buri, was named in the Top 25 fine dining restaurants in the world in Trip Advisor's 2019 Traveler's Choice Awards. They are not alone in this praise. Gault and Millau, the famous French restaurant reviewers, lists Uri Buri as the 8th-best (tied) restaurant in Israel. Anyone who stays in Akko with me often ends up having dinner at this incredible place and it often is a highlight of my culinary tours of Israel [note that the place is not kosher but there are plenty of kosher fish and wines available for kosher-style people]. The chef, Uri Jeremias, also has written a cookbook which essentially is a Bible for choosing, preparing and cooking fish (unfortunately it is unavailable currently on Amazon). He also owns an absolutely stunning boutique hotel in town called the Effendi where my clients often end up (though the Akkotel is a nice and modest option). Akko is one of my favorite places - think Jerusalem but set on the water and without the tension. Here is the article and some amazing photos (including of the hotel). Looking forward to hosting you here on an Israel culinary tour with your tour guide of Israel! https://www.israel21c.org/israeli-eatery-named-one-of-best-25-restaurants-in-world/

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