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Israeli "Tehran" Actress to Release Album with Iranian Musicians

In an undercover operation perhaps as fraught with danger as the one in the Israeli television series "Tehran," Israeli actress/singer Liraz Charhi is set to release her second album next month - a secret collaborative effort with Iranian musicians.

Charhi's family is from Persia (Iran) and made aliyah back in 1970, before the Islamic Revolution took over Iran, and back when Israel and Iran were on good terms as opposed to mortal enemies. Charhi spoke Persian at home and even appears in Tehran (the show) as Yael Kadosh, a Mossad spy. You may recognize her from her first movie back in 2004, Turn Left at the End of the World (photo on bottom left).

Due to the oppressive regime in Iran, there is a great threat to the lives of the Iranian musicians who collaborated with her, as even athletes who faced Israelis in international competition have had to flee for their lives with their families being interrogated back home.

The new album is set to be released on November 13 and will have lyrics in Hebrew, English and Farsi. A new video for one of the songs has recently been released:

Here is a video of the song "Zan Bezan," which came out a year ago, and appears on the upcoming album. The song means "Women, Sing" and is about female empowerment in the MIddle East. You can read about it here:

You can also watch this recent interview with her in English about her career as well as the dangers of collaborating with artists from Iran. You can read the interview here as well:

You can also watch he English language trailer for Tehran (now on Apple TV) here:

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