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Peek Inside a $20 Million Mansion For Sale in Caesarea

As a tour guide of Israel, one of the places I almost end up visiting with my tourists is Caesarea. Caesarea was the Roman provincial capital along the Mediterranean coast originally built up by King Herod and served as the greatest port in the Eastern Mediterranean. Today it is the most visited national park in Israel and for good reason. It has incredible archaeological finds but also a well done modern museum, videos and integrated technologies and has also included modern shops, restaurants, the only 18-hole golf course in Israel and of course the Roman aqueduct beach.

While we drive around, I inevitably mention that Caesarea is one of the three ritziest areas of Israel (along with nearby Savion as well as Herzliya Pituach) and one of the few places along the Mediterranean shores where there are private homes (as opposed to apartment buildings). One of them is inhabited by none other than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Now there is an opportunity to peek inside one of them. Sotheby's real estate is selling a $20 million palatial mansion that King Herod himself would be jealous of. Check out the photo (above) and video (below). And if you do purchase it, please note that my finder's fee is a small guest house on the property. Hey - you can have your own private Israel tour guide at your beck and call whenever you like! :).

That being said, there are some incredible penthouses in those apartment buildings along the coast, including this ridiculous one in Tel Aviv which looks like something out of Versailles. Again, my finders fee is just an apartment downstairs :)

If you want to see more - or keep up with what is on the market in real time - you can check out Sotheby's in Israel here:

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