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Pride Alert: Tel Aviv has a new LGBT Anthem (video)

So many of you are familiar with Static and Ben El-Tavuri - the Israeli recording duo who signed a megadeal in the US after their hits such as "Tudubom," "Silsulim," "Zahav" and "Kvish HaChof." You may remember the singer Nasreen Qadri from an earlier post of mine, an Israeli-Arab woman who was raised Muslim and converted to Judaism.

And many of you know that Tel Aviv is the LGBT capital of the Middle East and the #1 gay travel destination in the entire world. As a tour guide of Israel, even I was shocked to learn that It is estimated that 1/3 of the residents of Tel Aviv are LGBT. As such, the city's leadership promotes an open and tolerant atmosphere.

So what happens when you combine the them all? You get a brand-new LGBT anthem for the city - just in time for Pride Month - with an amazing video full of unknown modern urban sites. While not quite as catchy as "Tel Aviv Ya Habibi" which the gay community kind of adopted (due to some suggestive lyrics at the end), the video does a great job of highlighting Tel Aviv's LGBT community.

For an excellent article about the song, the video and the diverse background of both the singers and the people featured in the video, click here: https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/static-and-ben-el-team-up-with-nasreen-qadri-in-new-pride-anthem-632497

And of course you can watch the video below...

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