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How to Save the Dead Sea - VIDEO

Updated: Jun 12

The Dead Sea, Israel's most famous natural landmark, has been shrinking terribly over the last number of years, causing ecological devastation in its wake. As a tour guide of Israel, after hundreds of visits there, I might not miss dealing with the 50F/124F temperatures, sunburn, smell of sulfur, dehydrated tourists, and screams from people whose outsides and insides are on fire (or who just witnessed one too many people in Speedos). I do recognize, however, that much of the world might miss the opportunity to float at the lowest place on Earth, not to mention all the benefits that minerals from the sea provide in various fields.

As such, Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority have all agreed upon a joint plan to save it, however, it keeps getting shelved due to political infighting. We tried to get it into the new 7 Natural Wonders of the World - but it just missed the cut (in a highly controversial voting process). Noted photographer Spencer Tunick got over a thousand people to strip nude and float in the Dead Sea in 2011, ostensibly to bring attention to it.... but it continues to suffer from, let's say, significant shrinkage, according to a noted marine biologist.

Enter Noam Bedein, former founder of the Sderot Media Center (which brought attention to what was happening to the Israeli town on the Gaza border), who is now working on something called the Dead Sea Revival Project. You can watch the full video below to learn more about this incredible natural wonder and what's being done to try and save it.

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