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Some People They Can't Believe... Israel Has a Bobsled Team!

One of my favorite movies from my childhood was called "Cool Runnings". It was the comical version of the story of the 1988 Jamaican Bobsled Team (with a lot of liberties taken with the history). Well, now comes a story just about as unbelievable. Israel - a country based in the Middle East - also has a bobsled team.

To date Israel has won 9 Olympic medals [not including the Paralympics where Israel is actual a major player] but they all have one thing in common. They are all summer sports. This makes perfect sense as snow in Israel is a rare thing - though it can happen - and is only really available a few months a year on one mountaintop. It basically means that anyone who wants to represent Israel in the Winter Olympics cannot actually live/train in Israel. Otherwise, like in the movie Cool Runnings, they would have to train in a bathtub.

The best part about it is that the 4-man bobsled team is comprised of Jewish and Druze athletes together. Meanwhile the women's team may actually provide the best chance at success since it is a relatively new Olympic sport for women (they have been allowed as part of 4-person teams only since 2014), which somewhat evens the playing field.

To learn more about - and even support - the team - check out the recent article here in Forbes:

Plus this incredibly inspiring story from the 2018 Olympics...

You can also check out their Facebook page here:

For more about AJ Edelman (pictured above), the driving force behind this - and the Israeli entry in the skeleton in the 2018 Winter Olympics, click here:

No matter what, there is nothing like representing your country in the Olympics.

And if you don't believe Israel can have snow, you can trust the word of your resident tour guide of Israel that I have experienced it even in the desert, or just check out these photos...

Of course, the only reason we have snow here is that we have been stealing it from Iran. Yes you heard that correctly.

t's almost as farcical as Egypt claiming that the Mossad was training sharks to attack tourists at Red Sea resorts along the Sinai Peninsula. Wait a minute.... that happened too. And Israeli spy birds - vultures in Saudi Arabia and eagles in Lebanon and... Israeli-trained animals in Turkey, Sudan, the West Bank and Gaza. Actually, the issue is so common that there is an entire Wikipedia entry on this phenomenon.

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