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The Pigs are Back in Town and Having a Pool Party?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

As an Israel tour guide, there is nothing that scares me more than having to guide in a heat wave. Any good tour guide of Israel will implore his or her clients to drink water like fish - and not everybody wants to comply. It can be nerve wracking. Indeed, Israel has been suffering through a heat wave throughout this past week with temperatures as high as 43C/109F in

Jerusalem, 46C/115F at the Dead Sea and according to a friend of mine who was driving through the Jordan Valley, his car said it was 52C/125F outside! As you can imagine, our fine furry friends were looking for places to cool down, and with animals encroaching on urban areas during the corona times, we ended up with this great video from Haifa. That's right, while wild boar have been spotted all over that town, this might be the most awesome setting to suddenly find them... Splish, splash they were taking a bath :)

Note: It is generally not recommended to engage a wild boar. Please do NOT take safety tips from this family.

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