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Video Tutorials: How to Make 3 Classic Israeli Dishes

Want to learn how to make some classic Israeli dishes? Israel 21C - which shows off Israeli innovations - has created a Youtube channel called 21see Tayim (which means tasty). Here are a few of their highlights along with recipes... Of course you can always come on one of my culinary tours of Israel to get the best versions of these dishes and much more!

Roasted eggplant with tahini: https://www.israel21c.org/30-second-guide-to-delicious-roasted-eggplant-with-tahini/

Feta and chard bukreas: https://www.israel21c.org/feta-and-chard-burekas-in-just-one-minute/

Sabich: This is Israel's 3rd most famous sandwich behind falafel and shwarma. And yes I realize, the allure of the first two might be why you missed this one. But it's delicious... [recipe in the video]

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