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A History of the Excavations at the City of David

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The City of David - the ancient city just next to the old city (I know it's confusing) - is one of my favorite places to visit as a tour guide of Israel. If you have toured with me, you may have gone underground to see where the city

began including fortifications and water systems from 3800 years ago - the time of Abraham. Some of you may even have braved walking through Hezekiah's tunnel - a 2700-year old tunnel bringing water from the Gihon spring to the Siloam pool. The City of Foundation just put out a new video which talks a bit about the history of the site and the excavations that have been done there. From Baron Rothschild to the Queen of England, and Ben Yehuda to Captain Charles Warren, hear about some of the famous personalities that made the City of David what it is today. It's definitely an interesting watch.

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